7 Incredible Results You'll Get From Walking 30 Minutes A Day

Taking a walk a day is kind of like that proverbial apple: There's a good chance it'll keep the doctor away. From helping you lose weight and de-stress to lowering your blood pressure and reducing your risk of many chronic diseases—going for regular walks is one of the best and easiest things you can do for your health, says Melina B. Jampolis, MD, author of the new book The Doctor on Demand Diet.

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If blueberries were pharmaceuticals, they would be hailed as the greatest “miracle” health breakthrough in the history of medicine

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"Blueberries are miraculous natural medicine. If they were prescription medications, they would be called a “miracle” health breakthrough and an unprecedented milestone in medical science. Yet you can get them without a prescription, without a visit to the doctor and without “permission” from your health insurance provider."


Proven Herbal Treatments for Crohn’s Disease

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"These evidence-based botanical medicines proven to induce or maintain remission in the debilitating inflammatory bowel disease known as Crohn’s offer hope to those resigned to a fate of life-altering immunosuppressive drugs or surgery."


How the Mineral Boron found in Common Borax Helps Arthritis and Other Health Problems

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'Various health forums or chat sites discuss using the trace mineral boron as a solution for the fluorides in our bodies, but this health journalist didn’t immediately trust using off the shelf Borax, a “green” cleaning solution, as a source of boron.

I was not willing to discuss this topic until I stumbled upon a more reliable, scientifically credentialed source, Dr. Newnham, PhD, DO, ND, who used boron to resolve his longstanding arthritic condition. His arthritic condition is not the only ailment addressed successfully using boron from Borax.'



'By itself, ayahuasca as a transformational medicine offers us profound opportunities for spiritual awakening, physical renewal and reconnection to the most important aspects of life and nature. 

Journeying with the vine of souls is unlike anything else in this world, and while many have shared their personal stories of harrowing nights in ceremony, another chief aspect of this medicine tradition is less often discussed: the valuable lessons to be learned from time spent with traditional plant medicine masters.'


Do Avocados and Olive Oil Increase Your Intelligence?

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'Consumption of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), found in olive oil, avocados and nuts, is linked to general intelligence according to a recent study in Neuroimage.

Fat intake, especially MUFAs have been shown to preserve HDL cholesterol and improve glycemic control, in diabetic patients, "yet the exact sources are not been clearly defined.

A common misconception of olive oil is that it is high in fat and hence, should be avoided if you progress in any weight loss program. While it is true that olive oil is high in fat, it happens to be high in the right kinds of fat.'


Study Confirms Inflammation Causes Heart Disease – Not Cholesterol

heart and stethoscope laying on cardiologist working table
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'If you have been visiting Health Impact News, you may have noticed the notion that arterial inflammation is what’s behind heart disease, not cholesterol from saturated fats.

A clinical human trial recently published in The New England Journal of Medicine in August of 2017 may tip a few more in the medical field into accepting the current awareness that inflammatory damage is a major cause of heart and cardiovascular disease, and cholesterol is trying to patch up the damage before the vessel begins to leak or rupture.'


Best Kept Secrets to Prevent, Halt, or Even Reverse Macular Degeneration

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'Have you ever felt your money was wasted on supplements? That even though you consistently followed the protocol from your health-care practitioner you were not getting the results others obtained with the same program?

You may have been right! We've helped hundreds of patients with age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) with these healing secrets designed to help "non-responders"; those for whom the average supplement and dietary protocol fails to work.

ARMD is the leading cause of blindness in elderly Western populations and it is marked by central vision loss where blind spots or scotomas intrude.'


PROOF: Flu shuts are the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world

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'In fact, from a legal perspective, vaccines are routinely injected into people without informed consent. Virtually no one administering vaccines ever explains the risks vs. benefits of vaccines as is required under medical ethics and state medical law. In nearly all cases, patients are simply hoodwinked and told there are no risks at all.

The second piece of evidence to reveal here is the package insert for the influenza vaccine, a document printed in microscopic text that’s almost impossible to read without a magnifying glass.

Of course, the intention is that no one ever read this document, because it contains shocking admissions of the total quackery and marketing deception behind flu shots.'


Brain Regeneration: Why It's Real & How To Do It

Brain Regeneration: Why It's Real & How To Do It
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'Have you ever wished you could regenerate those brain cells you sacrificed in college? Do you fear that your aging brain is in a perpetual state of decline? Medical science is being rewritten to show that we CAN improve the health of our brain, and that repairing damage is not only possible, it’s something anyone can do.'


Does Marijuana Cause Brain Damage?

detailed anatomy of the human brain. Illustration showing the medulla pons cerebellum hypothalamus thalamus midbrain. Sagittal view of the brain. Isolated on a white background.
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''Brain damage is a major issue that marijuana prohibitionists point out as a primary reason to ban cannabis. Throughout the “Drug War” declared by then President Nixon in 1971, which has been continued through subsequent presidential administrations, there have been a few outrageous attempts at proving brain damage from cannabis.

This video exposes the scientific fraud of one of those outrageous attempts used as evidence during the Reagan era."


How many drug scripts do doctors write per year?

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We are looking at a supreme Trojan Horse that is rotting out America and all other countries from the inside. Wars, no wars, economic deprivation, economic prosperity, the drugs continue to do their work, debilitating and ruining and terminating lives.

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Study: Those Following a High Fat Diet Live Longest

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A ketogenic diet — which is very low in net carbohydrates and high in healthy fats — is key for boosting mitochondrial function. Healthy fats also play an important role in maintaining your body’s electrical system.

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Cardiovascular Failure 12 Times More Prevalent In Those With Vitamin D Deficiency

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The risk of heart failure (HF) was more than 12 times higher in elderly vitamin D-deficient subjects than in those with adequate status, reported the researchers from the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Vitamin D deficiency presented a higher risk factor for HF than obesity or heart arrhythmia in a study of 137 elderly Brazilian cardiac outpatients."

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Scottish Mother and Science Officer Warns School Teachers of HPV Vaccine Risks

human papillomavirus ,HPV vaccine with needle on white background
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Mrs. Caran Dynan, Mother of a Vaccine Injured Daughter, Kilsyth, Scotland, Science Officer and political activist for AHVID has sent this letter to many Schools in Scotland and England to raise awareness that school girls are becoming very ill following HPV vaccination and are missing out on so much of their education.

Read her letter here ... it's great.

Forced Vaccination Judged Unconstitutional in Colombia

Marching for Justice after HPV vaccinations
Image of Colombian Gardasil protest from Health Impact News

The Constitutional Court in Colombia recently ruled that mandating the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is unconstitutional. However, the precedent-setting judicial decision went beyond HPV vaccine mandates and affirmed the ethical principle of informed consent to medical risk taking.

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Unvaccinated Children Have Much Lower Rates of Chronic Illness

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The first peer-reviewed study comparing health outcomes of vaccinated children versus unvaccinated was recently published in the Journal of Translational Science  by epidemiologists from the School of Public Health at Jackson State University. 

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Pharmaceutical Antibiotic Drugs: Life Saver or Life Destroyer?

Female doctor hand hold prescription on clipboard pad and offer to patient
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Few dare to confront the possibility that the germ theory of disease is highly overrated, that a strong natural immune system is vital for maintaining a healthy “inner terrain” capable of resisting disease, and that maybe Pasteur was a celebrity scientist hack who was off the mark. 

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Are You Really Buying Spring Water?

spring water

According to a current class-action lawsuit, Poland Spring bottled water is a “colossal fraud.” The suit alleges Nestle has been selling billions of gallons of regular groundwater to their customers and not water acquired from a clear, Maine spring. 

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Study: Coconut Oil Reverses Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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Fatty liver disease affects metabolism and usually manifests as obesity and insulin resistance, which are direct co-factors for type 2 diabetes. It can also progress to inflammation of the liver, or non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), leading to cirrhosis.

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5 Reasons High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You

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The average American increased their consumption of HFCS (mostly from sugar sweetened drinks and processed food) from zero to over 60 pounds per person per year.
During that time period, obesity rates have more than tripled and diabetes incidence has increased more than seven fold. Not perhaps the only cause, but a fact that cannot be ignored.

Study: Vegetable Oils Contribute to Fatty Liver Disease – Saturated Fats Do Not

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Traditional fats such as coconut oil and butter are high in saturated fats. Modern processed cooking oil such as corn and soybean oil, the new vegetable oils that are polyunsaturated, have only been in the food chain since World War II, and contain dangerous trans fatty acids.

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Study: Coconut Oil Offers Protection Against Inflammation and Diabetes

Coconut oil in a container with spoon and two coconuts.
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Forty percent of women today are obese. Many believe obesity is a precursor to diabetes, which if not reversed will lead to further health complications, and even be life threatening.
However, a recent study looking at the effects of coconut oil on glycemia and inflammation demonstrated that obesity alone may not be the culprit.
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Access to Medical Cannabis Speeds Ahead in Countries Outside the U.S.

Photo of dry medical marijuana buds with shallow depth of field
Photo image courtesy Health Impact News

North and south of the U.S. borders, making medical marijuana available to patients who need it is making strong advances.
Despite this and international research proving the merits of medical cannabis, our United States national government agencies continue promoting false “Reefer Madness” fears.